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About the Pageant

MAGNAT Event & Advertising now known as Magnat Productions Pvt. Ltd is a well-established Indian Event Management, PR, Wedding Planning, Artist Management & Advertising company operating from New Delhi since a decade.


(Curated & managed by Magnat Productions Pvt. Ltd since 2015 )

Sanjeev kumar
Founder chairman
Mrs India Globe

The event shall showcase the best of India's & abroad married women pageant hopefuls that with a total celebration providing live entertainment, the best possible hospitality and an advantageous event creating a unique business cum creative platform beyond all the boundaries. At the same time it will bring out the best of the best women of India & abroad in terms of self-confidence, talents, commitment to public service, and their drive for success. The Mrs. India Globe winner will be a role model and inspiration to the Indian Women. The finalists will be able to tap the whole lots of opportunities in The Media, Film and TV Industry and Advertising world The MRS. INDIA GLOBE consists of a young and vibrant team whose mission is to promote the development of an environment that optimizes the potential of the Contestants and to support them develop into responsible adulthood. This event will incorporate live entertainment, guest performers, up and coming designers, community leaders, and a gala reception that is geared to entice our very broad-spectrum target market consisting of families, entrepreneurs, and business professionals. The 25% of the event will be donated to the charity. The Mrs. India Globe not only a Beauty Pageant but it is an award to appreciate married women and apart from emerging as the most prestigious pageants in existence today it will provide a medium for personal development and promotion of cultural appreciation through various grooming opportunities during the event. Our Pageant does not support nudity and vulgar appearance in swimsuits by contestants and is organized and designed to offer added virtues and values to everyone. The event will strive for the highest standards of integrity, morality and conduct its Pageants in a fair and unbiased manner.


The objectives of Mrs. India Globe through its, workshops, grooming and indulgence are dedicated to nurturing and encouraging new pageant talent amongst the married women, honouring the great winners providing success with a unique opportunity to engage in an appreciation of and a conversation about the art of being Successful Women as it is represented around the world. The niche objective however will be to develop the annual event in India as the most attractive destination for the International Media, Fashion , Film and TV Community as well as establish a global presence. Apart from the above the objectives shall be:-

  1. Promoting confidence in married women and enhancement of their ability.
  2. Promoting an organization,
  3. Competition to select candidate for a different assignment.
  4. Providing platform to show their skills and get the opportunity in the field of media, Fashion, Film and TV serials etc.


  • A minimum of 5 judges will evaluate delegates in the Five areas of competition
  • Traditional Cloth / sari and Evening Gown. All areas of competition are equally weighted at 50% each.
  • The management has sole discretion and complete authority to select judges. Reasonable efforts are made to secure a culturally and professionally diverse panel of judges. Judges name are not released to contestants prior to arrival at the pageant. The contestants will not be allowed to approach the judges or engage in conversation with judges prior to or during the competition. Any contravention will result in immediate disqualification.
  • The contestant are provided with training and instructions regarding scoring procedures prior to the competition.
  • The decision of the judges is final and not contestable for any reason whatsoever.